Music for Introspection

David Sylvian‘s music has been very important throughout my life. A poet, an often-troubled artist, and an all-round introspective soul, Sylvian has always known the importance of quiet introspection in healing oneself and moving on in the world.

He started as the lead singer of ’80s, New York  Dolls influenced band Japan, before going solo in the mid-eighties. A multi-intrumentalist with a unique voice, Sylvian has experimented with many different styles (including electronic, avant-garde, ambient, and jazz) and collaborated with numerous artists around the world, most notably Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Here is a small selection of his most sublime and beautiful songs which capture those quiet introspective moments where we find ourselves longing for and regretting the past, and thinking about and hoping for the future. I’ve included a little note to indicate what they mean to me.

Night Porter

Nighttime reflecting and yearning for a passionate love that still excites and consumes.


Suddenly realising the past has caught up and is a lot closer than you thought.

Forbidden Colours

When you just can’t help falling for the one you know you shouldn’t. With Japanese pianist and musical virtuoso Ryuichi Sakamoto from the movie Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence staring David Bowie.


When hope is almost lost but you still see a glimmer and try to hold onto it.

Ti Ho Aspettato (I Have Waited for You)

Love has finally arrived and saved you, only for you look on hopelessly and watch it leave again like a ship in the night. A collaboration with Italian singer-songwriter Andrea Chimenti.

Every Colour You Are

A whole life wasted in deliberately denying happiness finally finds some redemption.


The inner turmoil that won’t leave you alone ends up turning you away from the one you love the most.

I Surrender

When you finally give up the fight and give yourself over to the wonders of love.

A Fire in the Forest

Those moments of darkness when you feel, that if you hang on, there will eventually be beauty in the dark, that night will eventually turn to day.

In response to daily prompt: Silence
Image by Yuka Fuji


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