Seemingly troubled throughout his life and haunted by the father he never knew (singer Tim Buckley, who died of an overdose when Jeff was 9), Buckley initially struggled in various bands until the release of Grace in 1994 brought some success.

He started work on his next album, Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk, but died before he could complete it.

While on tour in 1997, at the age of 30, Buckley spontaneously decided to go for a swim in the Mississippi River while fully clothed and drowned.

Although no traces of drugs or alcohol were found, it is still speculated whether the abrupt ending of this tortured soul and gifted artist’s life was the result of suicide.

From the opening lines of Mojo Pin through to the sublime covers of Lilac Wine and Hallelujah (still among the best, most heartfelt versions of those songs), Grace is an album full of genuine and tireless soul searching, and was his only complete album before his untimely death.

This is PJ Harvey’s tribute to Jeff Buckley, simply entitled Memphis it was the b-side of her 2000 single Good Fortune.


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