Laughing in Defeat

Sometimes I don’t realise how much life’s little problems pile up until it’s too late, until I’m almost tearing at my hair because I can’t think. When I can’t think because I’m so worried about something little that seems so big.

And during these times I forget how to laugh and forget how wonderful laughing is.

It was during such an occasion that I asked my five-year-old the other day if he had a good time at school.

‘Yes,’ he says, ‘but Zephryn was sad.’
‘Was he? Why?’ I say.
‘I don’t know.’ he says. ‘Maybe he misses something or something made him sad.’
‘Oh. That’s sad.’ I say.
‘But it’s okay.’ he says smiling, ‘I made him happy again.’
‘You did?’ I say, ‘How did you make him happy?’
‘I did this.’ he jumps off his chair. Legs and arms flailing independently, he dances and hops around, pulling funny faces and making crazy sounds. Finally he collapses on the floor and spins round and round on his side like Donald O’Connor in that wonderful Make ‘em Laugh scene from Singin’ in the Rain.

By the time he picked himself off the floor and I’d stopped laughing, I’d forgotten whatever it was I was worried about and hugged my silly, brilliant, empathetic little boy, his hug melting away whatever little worry remained.

So when life’s little problems pile up, don’t stare at them in defeat, laugh in the face of them.

© 2016 Occasional Dreams
In response to daily prompt: Realise


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