Lost Roots

Humans had become too unreliable with their own memories. And by 2096, memories started to be uploaded to off-world Organic Memory Farms or OMFs.

These OMFs could grow to unlimited capacity to meet the demands of Earth’s straining population.

In 3010, The Open Federation of United Planetary States made it illegal for any human to hold their own memories.

By law, everybody was implanted with bio-secured iRecall Chips which automatically uploaded and downloaded memories via the Stratosnet. This made recall incredibly quick and always accurate.

Memories in the OMFs were stored as M-Trees. These living trees grew and automatically branched out and connected with other M-Trees.

This natural phenomenon increased global empathy and by 3015, the Universal Law of Empathy was drawn up.

This law ensured a victim’s memory of an incident was automatically added to a perpetrator’s M-Tree and reduced global crime to zero three years later.

But by 3051 bad memories, which many thought had been eradicated with the Universal Law of Empathy, started taking root again.

The infection caused by these memories spread and wiped out all OMFs.

Two years later nobody could remember anything…

© 2016 Occasional Dreams
In response to daily prompt: Tree


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