Random Acts of Kindness

Marie never knew because nobody told her that the every action we make, every decision we ignore cascades through all lives like atoms suspended in darkness — constantly shaken, colliding, at times fusing — and each time one touches another, something changes. Sometimes wonderful. Sometimes terrible.

And as she smiled from her hospital bed, the late autumn sun tip-toed through the narrow window, across the vase of pink dahlias and settled in the corner to witness this simple act of kindness she received from Dr. Angela Bejarano.

Twenty years ago, her hope already cremated and scattered alongside her late husband’s ashes, Marie awoke to late night bangs and crashes through walls which were followed by shrieks and howls. The sounds belonged to old Miss Reynolds, a recluse since a random act of kindness bypassed her seventy-years ago at a bus-stop, altering the course of her life irrevocably, a life that would be devoid of kindness until then.

A random fall in darkness had led to a blood clot filling the emptiness inside Miss Reynolds. Marie accompanied and stayed with her in hospital. And although her fall as to prove fatal, Marie’s kindness had belatedly reshaped the old woman’s life as she reached into her renewed heart and offered her dying gratitude to Nurse Suzie Oduwole.

Nurse Suzie’s marriage was slipping off the rocks. During a difficult meal with her unappreciative husband, Suzie paid the bill on his insistence with Miss Reynolds expiring kindness still warm her heart; but feeling undeserving of it, she quickly passed it on to waitress Lindsey Chen in the form of a large tip and smile. Lindsey felt renewed by this simple gesture and eventually followed her dreams to Australia.

And so the atoms kept colliding at random and fusing over the years all around the world, a chain reaction sparked by Marie’s her late-night kindness to her eccentric neighbour. Then one cold November evening in London a woman was assaulted and left on the street, Martin Bejarano, whose life was recently touched through an act of kindness that traced a direct line to Marie, saved his future wife Angela. A year after they married, her husband’s love gave Dr. Angela Bejarano the strength to complete her medical training.

But neither Marie nor Dr. Bejarano knew, as the sun witnessed their smiles meeting for one last time, that countless random acts of kindness through the years had brought them together that afternoon.

© 2016 Occasional Dreams
In response to daily prompt: Flattery
Image: “help me” by nicdalic / CC BY


4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

    1. And yet it’s easy to forget at times. Six degrees of separation and all that. We’re all connected some how I guess. In which case Kevin Bacon must be the most benevolent man or most cruel (depending on your outlook). 🙂

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