You are the storm and the sea,
The cannon that sinks your fleet,
Fighting to steer your drowning
Vessel against your waging tides.

White flag your storm, silence your guns.
Through your wind and rain, over the crest,
My lighthouse waits. I’ll guide you
Back to shore and repair the damage done.

I’m the burning candle in your room.
A glow to draw you from the shadows nearer.
I’ll warm and comfort, light up your face.
Heal your broken wings with my enduring flame.

I’m the floating lantern in your sky.
A paper star to guide you from your steeped fields
Across boundless mountains of night.
And I’ll fly until I reach a place in heaven for two.

I’m the sun that rises each morning,
The light that wakes you from darkness.
I’ll show you white lines on your roads of tar —
A hidden path for us to run along.

I’ll be your gleaming signal, waiting
Through seasons, peering across oceans of time
Until you light your blue beacons.

© 2016 Occasional Dreams
In response to daily prompt: Candle
Image: “‘Summer Lights’ – Black Point, Anglesey” by Kris Williams / CC BY


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