Between the Green and the Red

You are the colours of my dreams,
From the red through to the green.
But green is all you give.
Not a verdant green of spring
But a muddy, earthbound olive.

Red, the colour of our first madcap summer,
Running through fields with love at our heels,
Your vermillion dress chasing the breeze.

Green was our last winter, spent
Walking the same fields, hope frozen and in tow
Your olive quilt coat staining the snow.

But between the green and the red
Many colours swirl — the burnt umber of our last autumn,
The brushed copper of Vermont, the sea blue of Marseille,
Washed with the golden sands of Fort Bay.

And yet, the muted green is all I see
When night revisits again.
It dominates, dims, and intervenes,
Obliterates all other hues until my dreams are subdued.

But I will wait for the green to fade
And reveal again the colours it obscures.
Until then I will drown in my olive sea,
Dive deep beneath its waves of sad regret,
For somewhere in that ocean there is you.

© 2016 Occasional Dreams
In response to daily prompt: Waiting
Image: Untitled by Khánh Hmoong / CC BY


9 thoughts on “Between the Green and the Red

      1. It’s strange because I always loved red myself, especially red dresses. Now I’m more into Green – olive green in particular. It’s a grounding earthy colour. It was odd to read this. Like a sign to me to sort myself out haha!

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      2. This is actually based on a piece I wrote a few months back. But yesterday I was reading about Jung and his belief in uncanny coincidences and our collective unconscious — the ocean metaphor symbolises the unconscious. How spooky!

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  1. What a beautiful write. Loved the vivid expressions.

    I do believe that we receive messages when the time is right we are lead to it. Reading a passage and etc.

    I loved the exchange between the two of you in the replies above.

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    1. Thank you. I struggled with this one a little. It didn’t come to me as easily as some of my other writings. So your feedback is most welcome and appreciated. 🙂

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  2. David, What a beautiful write this is. It feels immersive, rich. Incredibly, just this morning I was working with oracle cards and they spoke of mud, a mix of earth and water energies, the stuff of deep nourishment and growth. Your poem was a perfect expression of diving into this – sort of an expansion. Thank you so much for what you share. 🙂

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