A Burning Issue

‘Right. This is getting out of hand,’ says Sid.

He’s been staring at the guy all night.

‘Just let him be, man,’ I say and take another sip of beer.

‘The fucker’s been at it all night. He shouldn’t be in here anyway. Not his kind!’ says Sid.

Sid’s nice and all, but I can’t honestly say he’s the most tolerant guy I know. He doesn’t understand nobody’s who different, he’s just tryna pick a fight for no reason.

‘He’s not hurting noone. Sit down. You’re pissed,’ I say.

‘It’s hurting me!’ Sid starts shouting and pointing his finger at the big guy across the room. ‘It’s choking me up! I can’t breathe! Not with him here!’ he’s throwing his arms up and beating his chest like some crazy dude.

I look over at his sad face, looks like the fella’s had a hard life. He’s keeping to himself. I didn’t see what Sid’s issue was. Nobody did, not even the Billy the barkeep.

Sid pushes his stool back and staggers across.

Everybody stares at their beers.

‘Everybody! We got a burning issue that needs addressing right here! Who’s with me? You know what I’m talking about!’ Sid’s right up close, starts pushing the fella.

The guy doesn’t say nothing to noone, just sits there.

‘We got an elephant in the room that we can’t ignore!’ says Sid.

The whole bar looks up but nobody wants to get involved.

Sid snatches the dude’s cigarette, stubs it out and spits on the floor.

‘Come on Sid, leave the dude alone,’ I say. But Sid don’t listen.

‘Hey Dumbo!’ says Sid pushing his face real close, ‘It says “No Smoking”. Can’t you read or what?’

But Dumbo says nothing. He just turns around sad and all, stretches out them big ears and flies off through the smoke into the night.

‘Well bugger me,’ says Sid, ‘I’ve seen a bar fly but I ain’t never seen an elephant fly.’

© 2016 Occasional Dreams
In response to daily prompt: Smoke


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