Castles in the Sky

For many years, Carly’s life had been mired by misery and foiled by failure, yet her dog-eared determination always drove her on; every time she tried, failed and cried, each time she felt like giving up she would remember her father’s words: ‘It’s not the act itself,’ he said, ‘but the potential for the act, the conception of the idea (no matter how wild), it is when thought and potential collide and you gleam the realisation, that is when your dreams are born and from dreams you can achieve whatever you wish — never forget that.’

They had teased her for her foolish dream; she became a victim of ridicule and jealousy; over the years she lost friends and fell out with family, for years she pushed through her nights of anguish and despair before the mornings brought renewed hope again; and after years of trying, by putting one tiny, painstaking brick on top of another and standing tall against the doubt, Carly finally built her glorious, impossible dream.

Old friends and lovers, journalists, celebrities, leaders of nations, and the whole world via social media had gathered to wonder at Carly’s unachievable dream towering above them from the clouds, a stately, floating vision painted in pastel pink and cerise proving that not only grotesque, overbearing giants could build castles in the sky; demonstrating to the world that with enough determination even the impossible was possible, and that if walls were built on foundations of hope not fear and doubt they could unite not divide.

© 2016 Occasional Dreams
In response to: Three Line Tales, Week Forty-One
Image by Dmitri Popov


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