How to Live on a Cloud

You see the thing about living on a cloud is you need to learn to let go.

Don’t get so wrapped up about falling — after all, it’s only vapour if you believe it is. Let go and you will find yourself walking on air.

If you see a passing eagle, be sure to ride on its wings; circle awhile, feel the sun’s gaze on your back and watch the rivers and mountains from above.

And do you remember when you were a child and you would lie back on the grass and watch animals form and dissolve in the passing breeze? Well, they’re still here, all the animals you can imagine, the tall and the short, the large and the small floating peacefully together.

So if you find yourself on a cloud, remember: let go, enjoy the view, and don’t forget to talk to the animals — for they will talk to you.

© 2016 Occasional Dreams
Image: Obstacle Course by hjl / CC BY


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