Constructed in Dreams

I crossed the bridge
And locked the door.

Reality is elusive,
Ever present,
Like tormented stars on the periphery
But never touched.

Its fabric breeds
And grows distorted in dreams
Until it crawls like the loving caress
Of velvet across my eyes.

The night I disappeared it arrived softly,
Promising all I lacked,
Attention, closeness, company,

We drew up a list together,
Crudely with a blunted, stolen edge,
A plan sketched fastidiously in red
On sheets where the future had been cut.

The list was overweighed on one side,
The only note I wrote,
A half translated scrawl
To say, I’m sorry.

Then unexpected morning came,
Softly, hesitantly at first.
It holds you like a discarded thing,
Until its touch becomes desire,
And desire consent.

But now
The bridge is broken
The only reality I live
Is the reality
Constructed in dreams.

© 2016 Occasional Dreams
In response to daily prompt: Construct
Image: exit by lavagirl66 / CC BY


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