Discarded Souls (a dream)

A road at night. The city is black with rain. A back alley with a cinema door. An old lady tramp with wild grey hair laughs, rummages for souls in a bin. An old Indian lady is avoiding her — everyone is. Another male tramp is lost and drunk and staggers past. 

She looks at me. Her blackened teeth grin as she holds out a discarded soul. I’m scared and want to escape.

I have a TV remote in my hand — it’s how I move around. I press fast forward to run away but the batteries are flat. I just stutter and shake. I turn around. She’s caught up. And cackles as she presses the soul into me.

© 2016 Occasional Dreams


8 thoughts on “Discarded Souls (a dream)

  1. If I may offer you my thoughts; ‘you’ in the dream represents your conscious self, the other characters represent various aspects of your unconscious self. In Shamanistic cultures it is believed that trauma can cause our soul to dissociate and become lost to the shadows or the underworld. The Shaman travels to the underworld to find and retrieve the soul fragment to return it to its owner. My interpretation is that you had a very powerful healing dream. Lucky you! What are your thoughts, does this resonate with you?

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    1. Thank you for your informed and insightful thoughts. I believe that our subconsious uses powerful symbols in order to inform, heal, and warn us, and I do agree that it was a healing dream. I like your idea of the soul becoming lost, retrieved and then returned — in that sense it about seeking to be whole, something that definately resonates with me.

      From what I’ve read, my interpretation is similar but aspects confuse me. Garbage is usually taken out, alluding to the discarding of negativity and yet my tramp (a symbol of freedom apparently) is rifling through it. The soul may represent spirituality, and I have felt the need over the years to become more spiritual. Therefore, it maybe a sign that I should seek spirituality within my unhappiness in order to heal and move forward — at a wild guess.

      Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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      1. You’re welcome. I understand your confusion about rifling through the garbage. It could easily be viewed as negative but sometimes we throw away things we later wish we hadn’t. Ultimately, the dreamer is the one best qualified to interpret the dream, so you may be right in interpreting it as a need to seek a more spiritual path. Best wishes on your journey. 🙏

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