The Early Unfortunate Life of Bluebell Belfry

One night an angel visited Bluebell at the orphanage and soothed her to sleep within the warm, velvet safety of its vast wings; this divine guardian became Bluebell’s only companion until her seventh birthday when she made the terrible mistake of speaking to her angel during prayer time; after Bluebell gestured to the angel on the pew, the Sisters of St. Oswald’s accused her of devilry and, after several exorcisms by the priest, Bluebell learned to speak only when spoken to and her angel went away.

Bluebell pressed her face to the window and watched the other orphans running, laughing and drawing pretty flowers on the dirty garden wall while she remained in her dark room in the belfry; but Bluebell knew she was different, she never understood when to laugh or cry and often got the two mixed up until the Sisters washed her mouth and eyes with soap, each time reminding her how lucky she was since even the Devil had abandoned her when he left her on their doorstep with nothing but a thin blanket and a bluebell flower in her basket.

After many years of beatings and punishments Bluebell forgot about her guardian angel and the nights became colder, lonelier, and sleepless; she learned to keep quiet; and soon forgot how to laugh and cry until one warm April day when she was fourteen, large groups of men from the local authority came to close down St. Oswald’s; a man with grey hair unlocked her door and terrified her so much with his kind eyes and gentle smile that Bluebell fled into the garden for the first time, she pressed her bare heels to the wall, stretched out her thin arms and, as her angel smiled on from a bench, Bluebell turned her head to the sky like a pretty flower, then with the comfort of the sun on her face, she cried for the first time in years — and then she laughed when the rains came.

© 2016 Occasional Dreams
In response to: Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Six
Image by Bruno Nascimento

Thanks as always to Sonya at for organising and coordinating these three line tales each week.


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