Joy to the New World

Without people, without society there is no more electricity, no running water, no humanity, no noise — just an unnatural silence that heightens one’s suspicion of noise — suspicion almost made me kill Frank the night he broke in, now we exist together by moving between abandoned homes; we haven’t encountered any other life for months although today we stumbled across what appeared to be a dead animal in the city, it was large and brown and lay between the wreckage of cars on the road, but then it moved fast — this means we’re not alone, although judging by its size, I think it’s better if we were.

If my calculations are correct, it is Christmas today which means it’s been exactly a year since millions of people vanished; vanished leaving unopened presents bundled beneath trees, and great feasts of meats and freshly baked cakes and pies lining the tables of the homes across this land.

Frank says we were broken into last night but I don’t believe him — I know he’s playing mind games and wants to control me, but I’m not for controlling — he also tells me he loves me but he only says these things in the hope he can use his dick again, I’m not fooling myself that I’m walking this barren land for romance, in this new world he needs me more than I need him; we marked Christmas with some tins of chestnuts, beans, and dried crackers which we washed down with red wine, we’ll stay here for a week before resuming our journey in the new year with the hope of discovering what happened to this broken land.

© 2016 Occasional Dreams
In response to: Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Seven
Image by Jennifer Pallian

Thanks as always to Sonya at for organising and coordinating these three line tales each week.


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