A Delightful Party

‘George, do be a darling and pour me more champagne,’ Pippa pouts and arches her arm over Edward who has fallen asleep in a plate of heroin and flowers; Pippa’s pearl bracelets clink impatiently against her empty flute as George deliberately staggers past and giggles. ‘Not funny George! Lizzie you simply must play something on the piano, play some jazz — you play it so delightfully — perhaps you can then wake up Eddie. Oh! Do look at him. Eddie! Wake up! You’re practically wasting all that wonderful dope. And Stephen must you really talk about politics at the table? It’s such a frightfully boring topic.’

‘I was simply saying how I saw in the papers today those National Socialists finally won. Good Lord! I mean, that Hitler just seems like a frightfully unpleasant little fellow. I don’t know what Unity sees in him at all.’ Stephen extinguishes his cigarette and pouts his lips towards Charlotte who applies lipstick before kissing him and deliberately staining his lips red.

‘Yawn!’ Pippa laughs as Edward jerks up, his face is white with powder and his hair strewn with roses, ‘I think they’re delightful,’ snorts Pippa, ‘It’s wonderful that they’re taking control of their country — we should do the same. Oh! Lottie where have you been? You must try this champagne, it’s abso-bloody-lootely divine!’

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to: Three Line Tales, Week Fifty
Image by Annie Spratt

A short satire on the 1920s Bright Young Things, decadence, and moral and political apathy — inspired by The Mitford Sisters, Evelyn Waugh and David Bowie’s wonderful (Waugh influenced) song of decadence and madness Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?).

Thanks as always to Sonya at only100words.xyz for organising and coordinating these three line tales each week.


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