No Time Like Someday

MR. DEELAI, a teacher.
JOHNNY TIMELY, a student.

A classroom. Every student is resting their head in their hands day dreaming apart from Johnny who is furiously writing in his book. The Bell rings.

MR. DEELAI. Okay everybody, you may go in your own time, when you’re ready. No rush. Apart from you Johnny.

All the students shuffle out of the room slowly but Johnny doesn’t notice and continues writing. Mr. Deelai approaches Johnny and sits on the desk next to him.

MR. DEELAI. Johnny, could you please stop writing now?

Johnny reluctantly puts down his pen and shifts uneasily in his chair wanting to pick up his pen again.

MR. DEELAI. Don’t look so worried Johnny. I just wanted to have a quick chat with you. I know we spoke about this before, quite recently in fact. But frankly, I’m a bit concerned now.

JOHNNY. What is it Mr. Deelai?

MR. DEELAI. Well, I was prepared to overlook it at first Johnny since you were doing so well at the beginning. However, your standards have been slipping and I’ve noticed you’ve been a bit too, how shall I put it? Enthusiastic lately.

JOHNNY. I’m sorry Mr. Deelai.

MR. DEELAI. Do you realise you’ve handed your homework in on time every time for the last two months?

JOHNNY. No, no I didn’t. I must have…

MR. DEELAI. No student has ever done that.

Johnny looks on not knowing what to say.

MR. DEELAI. Is everything okay at home? It’s okay, you can tell me.

JOHNNY. Yes, things are fine, couldn’t be better.

Mr. Deelai squints and shakes his head, he is clearly troubled by what is happening to his student.

MR. DEELAI. Well then, I just don’t understand. (sigh) You seem to be doing so well in class, you’ve never completed one single piece of course work during school time and yet your homework is always immaculate and punctual. Frankly I find it a little troubling.

JOHNNY. I’m sorry Mr. Deelai, I am… trying.

MR. DEELAI. Are you going to sleep late enough?

JOHNNY. Yes, I try to.

MR. DEELAI. And do you have enough distractions at home?

JOHNNY. I think so, dad’s just upgraded the internet.

MR. DEELAI. Good, good. And you watch YouTube?


MR. DEELAI. With the Autoplay function on?


MR. DEELAI. How about TV, you watch TV too?

JOHNNY. Oh, yes of course.

MR. DEELAI. At the same time as YouTube?

JOHNNY. Sometimes.

MR. DEELAI. ‘Sometimes’ is not good enough Johnny. You do understand what we’re trying to achieve during Procrastination classes don’t you?


MR. DEELAI. Are you sure? You sound a little too focused Johnny.

JOHNNY. I think so.

MR. DEELAI. You think so? So what is it then?


Johnny is struggling to remember.


JOHNNY. That erm.. things will be done…

MR. DEELAI. Yes? Yes?

JOHNNY. Tomorrow?

MR. DEELAI. (sigh) You see, that’s precisely your problem Johnny. Tomorrow is too achievable, if you really want to be kept back and not move on you have remember that there is ‘no time like someday’ and realise that things may be done whenever and I emphasise the may, and only if you really feel like it. Is that clear?

JOHNNY. Yes, I think so.

MR. DEELAI. Let me hear it then.

JOHNNY. There is no time like someday.

MR. DEELAI. Okay good. But perhaps with a little more conviction next time? Right, I don’t want to do this but I really have no choice. I’m going to give you some extra homework.

JOHNNY. Okay. Thank you, Mr. Deelai.

MR. DEELAI. And I never want to see it handed in. Right, I need to get going! You may leave when you’re ready.

Mr. Deelai remains sitting, folds his arms looks on into the distance day dreaming. Johnny takes advantage of the distraction and continues writing.

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to daily prompt: Someday
Image: Ye Old Classrooms by Alan Levine / CC BY


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