Backwards Through the Tunnel

My train was delayed
Broken down in tunnels where rats played,
I was a commuter without a fare —
Sometimes I wonder if I was ever there.

I’m trying to get better now, in every way I know how:
In waiting rooms waiting for the smell of bleach and death,
In boardrooms with game show junkies competing for breath,
In a reliable Japanese saloon on a lane that never moves,
Killing myself slowly with fast food in a service station built in ’72.

Life used to be simple, like child’s play,
Full of snakes and ladders until someone took the ladders away,
A Game of Life where life was still a concept with a finite stack of cards,
A Disney picture puzzle where all the pieces fit together,
A Mousetrap in a crazy old house until the mice took over.

I blacked out in a meeting
Bathed in the heavenly glow of a PowerPoint slide,
Had an epiphany about corporate deployment strategies.
When the doctors had done their drinking,
I walked home on streets no one else could see
Full of unwanted dreams of promotion and publicity.

My train is delayed again,
Maybe there’s still time,
While the ghosts in their carriages dream,
I could walk backwards through the tunnel
And smile a smiling scream.

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to daily prompt: Simple
Image: Follow the Light by  sanpani / CC BY


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