Intolerable Love

‘Madar, I can’t,’ Ester says.

Another crowd below. So many protests, but what will it change?

The intimacy of her mother’s tears over the phone, the loneliness already setting up home in her voice.

Her father was improving; she spoke to him last week. And now he was dead.

‘Madar,’ Ester says, ‘If I leave they won’t let me back.’ The hospital, her patients relied on her, but so did her mother.

A woman holds a big heart — a universal symbol of kindness and love — and yet all Ester sees is the emptiness of it. ‘Madar, I can’t.’

(99 words)

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to: 100 Word Weekly Writing Challenge — Week 7
Image by: Andreas P.

Many thanks to Bikurgurl for hosting 100 Word Wednesdays.


10 Replies to “Intolerable Love”

    1. I’m sorry that it’s reminded you of sad times. 😦 Whatever you’re going through, I hope you find happiness and resolution. There is always the potential for change when the light changes tomorrow.

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  1. photos are funny – they speak differently to different people at the same time. She sees an empty heart whereas I see a place possible for big love. perspective and perception. But your 100 words does evoke a memory that’s too close to home similar to what I see others write above. I don’t think there’s a nation today that has not felt the brunt of discrimination and threat of extinction like present time. Strong words in such few lines.

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    1. Yes, they are! And that’s the wonderful thing with these prompts. I guess at any other time she may have seen it as a void to be filled, but in this instance it’s been taken away and she feels powerless that it will be filled again. But that’s not to say it won’t — let’s hope it will.

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