Love in a Harsh Climate

They watch another dome being evacuated. This one was overrun by illegally engineered animals in the night.

‘That’s where the old cinema was,’ Jack says as people continue to flood out.

He remembers the old days, being shuffled between underground shelters while offices and homes were demolished to make way for the biomes. The aquadome sits on the site of his old factory, where another tanker pulls up ready to transfer whatever life could be rescued from the sea.

‘I miss the old days,’ Jack says.

Mary coughs, swallows blood, and runs her fingers over the synthetic plants. ‘Time heals everything. As soon as the bio-plants survive out here, things will pick up again.’

The nitrogen dioxide forecast wasn’t good and Jack’s chest hurts already. ‘I wish I could change everything,’ he says.

‘But we can’t,’ Mary coughs again. ‘They said it was just scare stories, love. Nobody believed them.’

They hold hands and gaze at each other through their respirator masks. He’ll tell her about the eviction later — no point upsetting her now. Maybe a move will do them good, it’ll give them a new start, another chance of recuperation and life — whatever that means now.

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to: Sunday Photo Fiction – February 12th 2017
Image by: Sascha Darlington.


13 Replies to “Love in a Harsh Climate”

  1. While all that is happening he still has such love for her – to consider her feelings about the situation – not like she doesn’t know – but he is being a real gentleman – your story may not be that far from the truth one day David – loved the sorrow and despair in this story so much.

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    1. Thanks. It originally had a line about love being the only thing that survived. Sorrow and despair come naturally. Although I tried to add a flavour of hope too.


      1. Love was the only thing that survived – nice thought – writing sad so much easier than writing happy and makes better reading – well to me anyway – but agree we must always have hope – again – I liked it.


  2. Interesting story. It’s a Grimm one though. I feel bad for them, technology and science was supposed to improve their lives in the domes but it didn’t. Now they’re outside again, dying because they can’t breathe until plant life flourishes again. I think there is a subtle warning in your tale 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like it. Dystopian stories are always more interesting that utopian ones to read and write! A warning yes, but that’s not to say hope and recovery won’t return one day — I always like to think they will. 🙂

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