What Dreams May Fall

One winter’s evening, in a village that never slept, it snowed children’s dreams and soon the streets gleamed with sweet, brightly coloured dust, the forests shimmered and sang, and the rivers froze over and glistened like candy. That night, the villagers dreamt the most magical, vibrant dreams in years. But as they slept, roused by the glow and strains of happiness, the things that had kept them awake stired once more; in every bedroom, creatures emerged from the cold, hungry dark, stretched out, and fed until the dreams became nightmares; and when they were full, scurried back under beds and into cupboards where they lived — where they continue to wait for sweet dreams to wake them again.

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to: Three Line Tales, Week Fifty-Five
Image by: Edwin Andrade

Thanks to Sonya for organising and coordinating these three line tales each week.


9 Replies to “What Dreams May Fall”

  1. this was amazing David! – like the way you write how dreams became part of a food chain that sustains both fear and happiness and all because of its sweetness – your symbolism is stunning – and I love how just one line separates the shorter before and longer after lines – Oh I could go on but that would distract from the beauty of this 3 lines – so so well done.

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    1. Thanks, Gina! I like that, dreams as part of a food chain. I don’t think I described the smells and sensation of snowing children’s dreams very well in such a short space. I’m glad you enjoyed it though.

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