All You Need Is Love

Ryuichi holds Keiko’s hands. The lights of the Seven Eleven, the cheap beer, the guilt whirl out of time with the jazz music from bars. ‘I left because things changed,’ he says.

‘You left because you changed. I’m the same.’ Keiko closes her eyes. A moped hums past splashing the smell of petrol and rain. ‘I forgive you. But why did you come back?’

Ryuichi lights a Lucky Strike, leans against a car and stares at the web of wires connecting the apartments and offices, at the stars caught between them — like faded dreams in the night. ‘I forgot something. Come with me. We’ll go to Kyoto, watch real stars from the mountains, where the air is clear.’

A plane thunders above as Keiko laughs and shakes her head. ‘You were always a dreamer, ever since we were kids. Always chasing something, and never knowing when you’ve got it.’

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to: What Pegman Saw – Tokyo
Image: Google Maps


9 Replies to “All You Need Is Love”

    1. Thank you. No, I’ve never been. I just threw together some city images and hoped for the best 🙂 And tried to draw inspiration from Murakami (Beatles title being a homage).

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  1. i like that he came back, and that she could still laugh. The splash of petrol and rain – very pungent it came up through the page. When I read what you said about the wires overhead, connecting and catching stars – my favourite part of this story – like this was the rock they entire story stood on- it also reminded me of something I wrote last year – the wires being our lives that crossed and connected with each other. Forgive me, the mess of words, the story is how I like stories to be, no beginning, no end, just in between with enough for me to ruminate in my head. Lovely writing as always Mr K.

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    1. I’m enjoying using the fade in / fade out style at the moment. Like your idea of people being crossed and connected — I believe in that. Thank you for your lovely comments as always, Gina.

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      1. My pleasure, totally – happy you got that from all the mess of words i wrote! Fade in/ fade out style…I learned something new today. Thanks David. I like the crossing and connecting too – life is so rich isn’t it!

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  2. Dear David,

    The last line reminds me of Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi. “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know you’ve got til it’s gone…” It sounds like Ryuichi realized what he had before it’s too late. Nicely done.



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