After the Storm

The legends are true — after a bad storm, something always breaks through.

They drifted gently at first, beguiling, going nowhere and everywhere — without form, future, or past. We ran among them and laughed as they settled then melted in our hands.

Then everything changed. The skies darkened.

They shrieked and became monsters. We hid as they howled against windows until they slept.

If you’re caught, the legends say, you will be forgotten — even by time itself. So we tread carefully, gather what we can, and burn so we may dream. And in dreams feel the sun on our eyes again.

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to: Friday Fictioneers, 24 February 2017
Image by: Sarah Potter

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting these Friday Fictioneer Challenges.


42 thoughts on “After the Storm

  1. Dear David,

    Mysterious and haunting. I’m not quite sure who or what the monsters are, but it feels like it could be the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. Although, it seems to me you’ve left the circumstances opened to the reader’s imagination. Well done.



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  2. I love that you say so much yet keep such dark secrets tight in between the lines. the quality of the words used and the tempo of the story carrying me along like the snow flurries and I could imagine so much from these few lines. Harmless childish fun sometimes manifest into something more malevolent , and in trying to escape or hide sometimes innocence got lost.This line lead to that conclusion, “So we tread carefully, gather what we can, and burn so we may dream.” well to me it did. I love your style Mr K!

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  3. So much said in what is not told. I can imagine the world–the people enjoying themselves in any way they can, even when they know that their world is full of horrors. I love the hope… even it the way they speak of burning is a tad creepy.

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  4. I always find myself coming back to this blog. It’s no wonder why. I cannot express how much I love your writing, and the stories keep getting better each day!

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    1. Yes, the snow symbolises something that appears gentle that then becomes threatening. I’ve left a comment on yours. Thank you for reading.

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