The Man Comes Around

I’m kicking and screaming. I want to run away. But Mary Lou’s heard the commotion and comes to comfort me.

‘I don’t like him,’ I say. ‘He scares me.’

I ask Mary Lou who the stranger is, but she doesn’t answer.

He always wears a dark hat that covers his eyes and never says anything. He just paces around and looks at us.

‘I think he has a kind smile,’ Jodi says.

‘What would you know?’ I say. ‘Smiles are tricky, when you can’t see the eyes.’

The last time he came around, he was smiling with mamma and kept putting his hands all over her.

And then they took her away.

I ain’t seen mamma since; I miss her.

He shakes hands with farmer Jackson and smiles at me and Jodi.

Mary Lou tells me it’ll be okay now. She puts more food in our boxes and closes the gates. I like Mary Lou, she has a real, kind smile — not like him.

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to: FFfAW Challenge-Week of February 28, 2017
Image by: majesticgoldenrose

Many thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.


14 thoughts on “The Man Comes Around

  1. Oh dear, smiles that don’t reach the eyes can be so deceptive. I don’t think Mama will be seen again, but hopefully the little calf is safe – at least for now. As Michael above said, so sad, but part of everyday life.

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  2. Oh this is sad but an interesting perspective. I watched a video of cows being released from a barn yesterday and that’s still in my mind. They were skipping 🙂 I can’t eat cows and feel awfully guilty about the poultry and fish I do eat.

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