Time Changes Everything

Huge rusted timepieces had appeared overnight. Some blamed aliens, others God.

‘Where did they come from dad?’ Sam said.

‘I don’t know. But don’t touch them.’ Jeremy sat and let Sam play.

‘Look dad!’

Jeremy tried to speak but could only cry as the timepiece Sam touched shimmered and hummed.

Sam grew tired — a tiredness of unfamiliar bones — she forgot where she was, her eyes became weak.

Somewhere a baby cried. It lay abandoned on the bench swathed in adult clothes. Sam held it with wrinkled hands. It seemed hungry. Perhaps it would like some chocolate, she thought.

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to: Friday Fictioneers, 17 March 2017
Image: Jennifer Pendergast

Many thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers.


30 thoughts on “Time Changes Everything

  1. your imagination knows no bounds and from a simple thought it spreads like wildfire gossip as no one can conclude what this is all about, but this to me is the essence in story telling, leaving a little to think about and coming back for more. Thinking the timepiece hurled her into the future, almost like the timepieces were sent to speed up humanity’s maturity and exit for a new generation to exist. Your stories always have a touch of mystical beauty David. loved the phrase – ” a tiredness of unfamiliar bones “.

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    1. Haha, after I posted this, I realised it was more ambiguous than I intended. But I’ll take your advice that it’s better that way. Thanks for your input as always, Gina.


      1. Let the words be like that David, its really cool to me, I really love reading these type of stories, details bore me but when its tied up with mystery and intrigue I find I am more attentive. Like I am reading Marquez in all his layers of prose and thought I loved being immersed in the sultry labyrinth of words. You layered this well too. Almost like Marquez!

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      2. Marquez! You really are too kind Gina. 🙂 I would be interested in reading your thoughts regarding my recent Book Lover story though, when you have a chance.

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  2. Interesting starting point, that all these things suddenly appear. And yes, I can see why dad didn’t want her touching them! Not that he can complain about it now. I hope Sam finds a real adult to help her with this “baby” — or that she touches the thing again and it reverses the process.

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  3. Reminds me of a story of a man who found a pond and became when he drank from it. He came home and told his wife. She went to the pond and didn’t return for a long time. He went searching for her and found a girl baby by the pond. He understood that his wife had drank so much that she became a baby. He took her home and raised her as his daughter!
    Good one. Took me sometime to decipher it!

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