Within the Within

Luis Morale wiped the sweat from his eyes and continued through the forest heat. His beard was scraggy, his clothes dirty, his legs weak, and his ears hummed. Luis couldn’t remember why he was walking or where he was. Then he saw the burnt-out car, its doors and windows missing; it reminded him of his car, of home, of a beautiful woman, the smell of the sea, then the boat, the screams, of women shielding children, men holding women, of his trip to Bermuda. There was a white flash, heat, silence, and then he was no longer onboard. Memories swept in, but ebbed far away when he tried to chase them — receding into years of nothingness. Then, in the distance, through the trees, the beautiful woman stood singing an old Puerto Rican love song. He knew her name — Gabriela, his wife. Luis smiled and cried, swept back the leaves, and walked for hours, enticed by her song, without getting nearer.

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to: FFfAW Challenge-Week of March 14, 2017
Image: Tim Livingston

Many thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.


10 Replies to “Within the Within”

  1. I like this very much. It has shades of the novel “Green Mansion” but also reminds me of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” yet the Bermuda Triangle angle makes it unique. I like that you made us think a little. Well done with the prompt.

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    1. Thank you, Kecia. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. I’ve never heard of ‘Green Mansion’ but will look it up; Garcia Marquez’s classic is a personal all-time favourite, so high praise to be compared to it! Thank you.

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      1. Forgive me for the typo. The book was Green Mansions with an “s.” It wasn’t exactly a classic, but was made into a movie, I believe. My father read it when he was young and carried the romantic images around in his head all his life. In his turn, he infected me with the book, and I’ve been carrying them around just as he did. The author was William Henry Hudson, but I think you can find it by the title.

        Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my story.

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