The Night Carer

I hear him sneaking sometimes still
In dim corridors and hidden rooms
Emblazoned in gold and black
Velvet cloak and crown
The prowling night carer
Silently rages to be found
The moon pauses and pours a profusion of shadows
Against the wall perhaps tonight he will visit
Drape a cloth transfer the crown
Confer authority on me now
So I too may pounce and prey
Maul the mind over and over with the madness of desire
Take a heart for an eye
And claw at life before the night departs

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to: napowrimo Day Four – Enigma
Image: Bamboo Forest by youn-sik kim / CC BY


5 Replies to “The Night Carer”

  1. i like your new black theme going on her David and so nice to read poetry from you! Take a heart for an eye – seems uneven justice but I won’t judge for the crime committed could be too heinous.

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    1. Thanks, Gina. The theme reflects where I am right now — in the dark and trying to seek relief in luminance. Hopefully I’ll change it back to a light theme soon. 🙂 The only crime here was not seizing a chance at life when he was still able.

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      1. and please take comfort that I hide in the shadows with you, shadows always my best friend and you too, my friend, best of all of them. forget about light for now, dark is good, it keeps us safe from the harshness of light. That crime he punished himself more than anyone could ever do unto him. Still solid writing even when writing in the dark.

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