Farmer in the City

Released in 1995, Tilt, remains the best and most accessible of Scott Walker’s later experimental albums. Claustrophobic, mournful, and longing, the songs on this standout album are as minimal and other-worldly as they are abstract.

‘Farmer in the City’, the enigmatic and haunting opening track, delivered like a funeral dirge, concerns the final harrowing moments of Italian film director, poet, and intellectual, Pier Paolo Pasolini, who was murdered in 1975 when a young male prostitute repeatedly ran over him with his own car.


6 Replies to “Farmer in the City”

      1. it is sad but it evokes dormant feelings that can inspire too, I always believe sadness inspires as much as happiness does. This piece like Wagner’s music does that for me. Beauty as always defined by the beholder.

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