Old Blue John

The miners have left, their lamplights extinguished,
replaced by transplanted, arterial cables.
An electric hum breaks the silence,
tungsten lights cast shadows where boys and lovers
have carved their names across the years.

You have witnessed our rise and fall,
wise, old Blue John,
peeking hidden through the tor of heather and stone,
where we have warred for centuries.

The landscape has changed, the castle is ruined
but our stains remain, like jaundiced tears
caught by purple hands,
held with a sobriety gained only through grief.

You listen as the rain weeps,
and settles as formations of lime measuring time,
endlessly on and on, dripping dripping unseen,
as we learn from your beauty within.

© 2017 Occasional Dreams

Written in response to napowrimo, day five (nature). Blue John Cavern is a series of beautiful caves in the Peak District, United Kingdom famous for its ‘Blue John’ stone — a unique formation of yellow and purple mineral — which dates back centuries.


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