The Ash King

Another door opens. But I am so weary. Each door takes me farther from my kingdom, each threshold crossed I lose more. My troops are dead, my limbs weak, I’ve forgotten what I seek.

Eleanor, my love. I will return.

I grip my sword and step through. What demons lurk within?

Mist clouds my vision, and carries me against my will. When it clears, I am in a twisted forest of ashen trees. I call out, but only silence replies. No life breathes here, no demons lurk. I witness charred copse after charred copse, breathing in ash, until I reach a familiar meadow.

Eleanor, I am home!

But, oh! What broken dreams are these? My heart shatters with grief.

No king deserves this. I kneel upon blackened fields before my cursed kingdom, I have failed thee.

My tower is ruined, inside is a farewell note.

Night falls.

I sit alone with my tarnished crown upon my head, high in my silent kingdom of ash, swathed in blankets of dust, and weep upon the bones of my love.

© 2017 Occasional Dreams
In response to: FFfAW Challenge-Week of April 4, 2017
Image by: Yarnspinner


7 Replies to “The Ash King”

  1. i love the medieval feel of the story David! In those times love was also duty, honour and privilege. your last line was described his utter despair, weeping on the bones of his love sitting in ash. the depth of his sorrow seeping between the words.

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    1. Thanks, Gina. I would liked to have ended with a ‘happily ever after’, but sometimes our tireless searches just prove unfruitful. That’s just life unfortunately.

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      1. there’s never really a happy ending for everything or everyone and loss is part of life. We all keep on searching our entire life, we never find what we have seemed to have lost.

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