Honeymoon in Kraków

Morning train from Wrocław (née Breslau) — so like a musty movie — a nun silent with God’s love
where Wałęsa may have prayed before the fall; a honeymoon at the Grand Hotel — Kraków, I’m in love.

Post-modern Chopin interpretations; ambling hand-in-hand past star-lit, street-lined trams;
wild boar and beet borscht; night river sailing, we sat mooring kisses in the rain, on the Vistula in love.

Mickiewicz rises romantically; gothic St. Mary’s trumpets call; a hard cafe of rock;
Europe’s oldest bookstore; clopping carriages pass Tatra mountain stalls; couples lean, like us, on fountains, in love.

Kazimierz stands tall, a bullet-ridden star, graffitied beauty past Wawel’s walls
where heads attend, and Kaczyński sleeps above the dragon’s den; on across Piłsudski Bridge where Oskar stowed away love.

Bergen-Belsen to Auschwitz, oblivious tourists V-signing — Arbeit macht frei — railroad scars on grass; brick fingers, like lost limbs, breaking for air;
dark hair mountains; standing panic cells; an anguish of shoes, soulless and stripped of love.

© 2017 The Wasted Love Song
In response to: napowrimo, day thirteen (ghazal)


6 Replies to “Honeymoon in Kraków”

  1. I read so much about Krakow and have a lovely book which title escapes me now of how the children took care of themselves and each other looking for potatoes in the snow covered ground, a part of history that still leaves its mark on humanity. But I did love the images you created in the earlier part of the piece, I would love to see these places and touch the stone pillars myself one day. Beautiful emotions carved out of words David, always a pleasure to read.

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    1. It’s one of my favourite cities — a city of artists I’ve been told — so historic and cosmopolitan. Beautiful architecture sits alongside broken reminders of war; Wawel Castle is stunning, Kazimierz, the old district maintains an air of pained romance, and then, a little further out, there are the stunning Tatra Mountains and the terrible, surreal relics of Belsen and Auschwitz. I would definitely recommend a visit to Krakow when you have time.

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