Sartre, Beckett, and Kafka

Jean-Paul Sartre,
I wished he woulda
Lightened up and lived a little,
Wrote a treatise and taught me how to do it too.


Samuel Beckett
Couldn’t hack it,
A psychiatrist helped him see tomorrow —
Wonder if he’s still waiting for Godot.


Franz Kafka
Felt the angst of Gregor Samsa —
A man morphed giant insect —
But he, like Josef K., just wanted peace and rest.

© 2017 The Wasted Love Song
In response to: napowrimo, day fourteen (clerihew)

A clerihew is a four line biographical poem that satirizes a famous person.


4 Replies to “Sartre, Beckett, and Kafka”

  1. wonder how they would feel seeing their true colours and distinct characteristics described with such candor. I enjoyed the rhyming and humour you sprinkled all over this piece, becoming quite the poet now David!

    Liked by 1 person

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