Making Progress

Thank you for those who have shown interest in my latest project, provisionally entitled Flat 21. This novel is my current priority and is progressing well. Other blogging activity may drop off for a while, but I’ve added a ‘Works in Progress’ section where you can find more information about Flat 21. I’ll post more updates as I go. Thanks.


10 Replies to “Making Progress”

  1. Yes you write extremely well so focusing on your novel makes a lot of sense … not sure I have the ability to write a novel so maybe I should stick to poetry and photography as there is plenty of room for improvement there. Look forward to your updates.

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  2. my thoughts are with you David. there seems to be this bug in the air thats also influencing me to concentrate on putting projects together finally. cheering you on! and if help is needed just call out ok!?

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      1. Lately I feel a lot of my world is falling apart and I have been struggling to keep the pieces all glued together, change is frightening for someone like me and I want to run and hide. But yes I am adamant to start my book of poetry though, and will reach out when I do need your help!

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