The Bicycles

‘Two bicycles, we had two bicycles, heavens knows where he found them, they were identical, can you believe that, exactly the same… yes, like us, he said, brought them down, he did… in his van… those were his words: identical… yes… we were the same, inseparable… the pier… it was a hot… oh such a hot summer… lovely… we had ice cream… seagulls, the blasted seagulls were all at them, we ate them ducked in, facing the wall… ha! where’s Margaret… the ice creams melted, ran right through our fingers, we washed them off in the sea… right there, he did it right there in the water, the old fool, asked me to marry him… of course, I said, of course I would… what else could a girl do, pregnant, nowhere to go… so beautiful there, can we go back… where’s Margaret… have you seen my daughter?’

The nurse moved towards the bed and adjusted the blinds until shadows submerged the room, she knew it helped the new patients calm down. ‘You were found by yourself, dear. Do you remember? We’re trying to locate your family, do you remember your name? No? Well, the doctor will be here shortly, he’ll be able to give you something to relax, okay?’

© 2017 The Wasted Love Song
In response to: Three Line Tales, Week 75
Image Credit: Meghan Yabsley

Many thanks to Sonya for organising Three Line Tales.


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