The music of David Sylvian has been a huge influence in my life. Sylvian started out as lead singer of late-seventies, post-punk group Japan before going on to carve out his own uncompromising career. His solo career has seen him move away from rock into the worlds of jazz, folk, spoken word, and ambient music.

In the early 1990s Sylvian married Ingrid Chavez — an American singer and part-time Prince collaborator — and found great happiness. Sylvian’s trademark music of deep yearning and longing was replaced by intense happiness and acceptance during this period, culminating in the 1999 album Dead Bees On a Cake. This album is infused with moments of personal surrender to the joys of love and spirituality, which saw Sylvian embrace a new life of contentment while casting off the vestiges of a bitter past.

‘Wanderlust’ taken from Dead Bees On a Cake is illustrative of Sylvian’s then newfound happiness — the expansive lightness of the music, the words that suggest surrender of the self. It is a song for those times when you have found someone to share the burden of moments, to help soak up the sorrows, and bathe together in the joy. When you suddenly find life extends into an endless series of possibilities. You are no longer stranded on a glass cliff looking down, but knee-deep in a coastal shelf with the wonder of water before you. It is that moment when you realise you can be who you want, and go where you desire, together with love at your side. These thoughts — roughly hewn and unfamiliar at first — soon enrapture. Your heart overflows like a stream filled with love and light, the joy carries you and feels like it will never stop.


Help me
I feel like I’m weightless
Floating right out of your hands

And there’s only so much I aspire to
Taking one day at a time
And deliverance has many faces
But grace is an acquaintance of mine
Tell me how could it have happened?
You know that we’re not the marrying kind
Travel light, don’t think twice
We’re leaving the shadows behind

It’s given us this wonderful wanderlust
I don’t doubt it, I feel it

Help me
This waterboy’s wasted
Falling right out of your sky

And there’s nothing I could do without you
Loving the state that I’m in
Between no longer and not yet
On the threshold of some brighter thing
The match was struck and I was fire
The embers of a drowning man
Tell me why won’t I listen
Or acknowledge that I don’t understand?
Losing light, a selfish kind
And we’re out on the road again

It’s given us this wonderful wanderlust
I don’t doubt it, I feel it

Turn the headlights on full
I want to take in it all
And let it wash over me

The bridge looked so high
From the banks that we climbed
But we climbed them so that we could be free

Give me no dreams of what the future brings
I need to know when I have gone too far

Repeated lightning strikes
Up and down the spine
They search us out wherever we are

In a world full of lies
That tug at the truth
I’m taking no sides
Now I recognise you

It’s given us this wonderful wanderlust
I don’t doubt it, no

Lyrics by David Sylvian

© 2017 The Wasted Love Song
In response to daily prompt: Lust
Image: Golden Beach at Sunset, Iceland by Jan Erik Waider via Unsplash


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