Flat 21

Flat 21


Flat 21 is the working title for my darkly comic novel, which revolves around the residents of an apartment block in small town England.

Frank Canda is a man struggling with work, life, marriage, and depression, trying to make sense of everything.

Frank’s wife, Mary, has recently given up her job as an accounting manager and is attempting to set up her own life coaching business. Her dream is to help other people realise theirs.

Archie Lint is a clumsy, small time crook whose attempts to further his dishonest career are constantly thwarted.

Also living at the apartment is Sandra, a young woman who works nights at a hotel, and suffers from bouts of insomnia. One morning, after work, Sandra witnesses a strange, old man moving into Flat 21. After the arrival of this mysterious stranger — suited in black with long, black hair, who Sandra refers to as the ‘crow man’ — the lives of these residents are turned upside down and changed irrevocably.

Read some early draft extracts:

Frank Gets Depressed

Sandra Invites Herself to Dinner

© 2017 The Wasted Love Song
Cover image: Block 44 by Philippe Put / CC BY

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